A preliminary conceptual design study of blanket for Korean DEMO Reactor (K-DEMO)

Published at IEEE Xplore

By Lee, Y.S. ; Fusion Eng. Center, Nat. Fusion Res. Inst., Daejeon, South Korea ; Baek, S. ; Im, K. ; Yeom, J.H.

A preliminary conceptual design study for Korean DEMO Reactor (K-DEMO) as an activity for Korean Fusion Energy Development Promotion Law (FEDPL) enacted in 2007 was started. A solid-type breeding blanket is the preliminary blanket concept in K-DEMO. As the candidates for the coolant of K-DEMO blanket, helium and water are under investigation through a comparative study of neutronics analysis. The preliminary concept design for inboard and outboard-side blankets for K-DEMO based on the present engineering feasibility has been carried out. The inboard and outboard-side blankets assume the form of several segmented blanket modules. In this work, the dimension for both inside and outboard-side blankets in the K-DEMO is essentially the same. A breeding blanket with a new cooling method, so-called a plate-type blanket, is proposed. In this concept, the plate-type blanket consists of separated individual rectangular parallelepiped cases for breeders and multipliers without a separate pipe system for cooling flow paths. This paper describes the current status of K-DEMO blanket conceptual design study.