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Steven Cowley believes fusion is the future of energy

Physicist Steven Cowley is certain that nuclear fusion is the only truly sustainable solution to the fuel crisis. He explains why fusion will work — and details the projects that he and many others have devoted their lives to, working against the clock to create a new source of energy. Read More »

How NIF Works

The National Ignition Facility, located at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is the world’s largest laser system… 192 huge laser beams in a massive building, all focused down at the last moment at a 2 millimeter ball containing frozen hydrogen gas. The goal is to achieve fusion… getting more energy out than was used to create it. It’s never been done ... Read More »

Nuclear fusion: an answer to China’s energy problems?

China Dialog Olivia Boyd 12.2.2013 China could lead the way to a clean and boundless energy supply – if it can ever be made to work. Scientist Steven Cowley talks to chinadialogue. A nuclear fusion display in the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Fusion could one day meet 25% of the world’s energy needs, says Steven Cowley. (Image by kpfellows) ... Read More »

Michael Delage and General Fusion at Future of Nuclear 2013 by Ian Angus McLennan September 18, 2013 What do Jeff Bezos, BDC, SDTC, Cenovus Energy, Chrysalix, Braemar, Entrepreneurs’ Fund, and Growthworks have in common? They’ve all invested in General Fusion. General Fusion was founded in 2002 with the goal of developing economically viable fusion power. Michael Delage, VP of Strategy and Corporate Development, will represent General Fusion as a ... Read More »

Nuclear Fusion Rocket Could Reach Mars in 30 Days April 10, 2013 A concept image of a spacecraft powered by a fusion-driven rocket. In this image, the crew would be in the forward-most chamber. Solar panels on the sides would collect energy to initiate the process that creates fusion. Credit: University of Washington, MSNW Nuclear fusion, the energy source that fuels the sun and other active stars, could ... Read More »

Korea aims at completing a DEMO by 2037

iter newsline 04 Feb, 2013 Korea’s projected K-DEMO: a tokamak with a 6.65-metre major radius (as compared to ITER’s 6.21 metres), a peak TF field of ~16 Tesla, and a TF field at plasma centre of ~7.6 Tesla. Harnessing fusion energy in the 21st century is a lot like going to the Moon in the 1970s. At that time, as ... Read More »

South Korea makes billion-dollar bet on fusion power Jan. 21, 2013 Reactor to be built in 2030s represents a step towards commercial use. The K-STAR nuclear fusion reactor, in Daejeon, South Korea, will be succeeded by a larger, more ambitious project. South Korea has embarked on the development of a preliminary concept design for a fusion power demonstration reactor in collaboration with the US Department of Energy’s ... Read More »

PPPL teams with South Korea on the forerunner of a commercial fusion power station

PPPL By John Greenwald December 21, 2012 (Photo by Courtesy of South Korea’s National Fusion Research Institute.) Schematic sketch of the proposed K-DEMO fusion facility. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) has joined forces with researchers in South Korea to develop a pre-conceptual design for a pioneering fusion facility in that Asian nation. The proposed device, ... Read More »

Fusion Propulsion

Direct fusion propulsion has long been considered by NASA for the next generation of manned spacecraft for long distance space exploration. Fusion power is environmentally clean, emits no greenhouse gases, and produces no appreciable radioactive waste. The planet’s fossil fuel reserves are severely limited. Whereas current nuclear fission fuel resources still remain abundant, nuclear power has safety, radioactive waste, and ... Read More »

Fusion Energy Production by Deuterium Particle Injection

This visualization was created using simulations run on the supercomputers at the National Center of Computational Sciences and shows the expected operation of the ITER fusion reactor. This reactor is currently being built by a global coalition in Cadarache, France and is expected to begin the first experiments in 2020. To produce fusion reactions, the fuel must be heated to ... Read More »

Multiphase Nuclear Fusion Reactor – Clean and Safe Atomic Energy

Published on Youtube Jun 2, 2014 Conceptually, it has been redesigned to be the most energy-efficient fusion reactor ever. Effectively, a clean, safe, dense and environmentally friendly power source to supply the world’s energy needs, with no greenhouse gases, no long-term radioactive waste, low thermal waste, no large land areas, no environmental impact, no interruptions by the weather or time ... Read More »

Fusing Fusion Concepts: Plasma-Jet driven Magneto-Inertial Fusion (PJMIF)

American Security Project Dec 20, 2011 The fusion projects we often hear about fall into one of two camps: Magnetic Confinement Fusion (MCF) or Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF). Of course, each project has its own spin on fusion. For example, MIT’s Levitated Dipole Experiment (LDX) follows the tokamak model commonly used in MCF, but instead of generating the magnetic field ... Read More »

PJMIF as a Primary Propulsion Driver for Project Icarus

This is the video of a talk given by Dr. Sava Patilala at the 62nd International Astronautical Congress, in Cape Town, South Africa in 2011. He discusses project Icarus, which is to get a vehicle to the sun from the earth. The project proposes to use PJMIF to power the engines. download the video Read More »

Report on Technical Feasibility of Fusion Energy to the Special Committee for the ITER Project

March 8, ASDEX Upgrade Seminar M. Kikuchi Former member of subcommittee for Fusion Development Strategy under Fusion Council Charge to Subcommittee for Fusion Development Strategy (3) Technical feasibility of the fusion energy (4) Extension of the program and basic supporting research For topic (3) above, the Special Committee additionally requested an evaluation of the feasibility of fusion energy as a ... Read More »

And Energy for All

Weizmann Wonder Wander 2005 Prof. Yitzhak Maron. Clean energy An ancient Greek myth relates that Prometheus, son of gods, stole fire from the heavens and gave it to the people on Earth. This gift and all its many applications catapulted humankind from a harsh, primitive existence toward civilization. Today, scientists in many parts of the world seek to perform a ... Read More »

Fusion in our Future

Weizman Institute Nuclear fusion, the same reaction that fuels the sun, holds the potential for providing humankind with a clean and limitless supply of energy. To reign in the awesome power of this reaction, numerous research teams throughout the world seek to produce fusion in a controlled manner. They create miniature “suns” made of hot and dense plasma, a charged ... Read More »