EUROfusion REALISING FUSION ELECTRICITY BY 2050 In 2014, 29 research organisations and universities from 26 European countries plus Switzerland signed the EUROfusion consortium agreement. In addition about 100 Third Parties contribute to the research activities through the Consortium members. EUROfusion collaborates with Fusion for Energy (Spain) and intensively supports the ITER International Organization (France). EUROfusion, the ‘European Consortium for the ... Read More »

ITER the way to new energy

ITER If you haven’t heard about ITER, chances are you will soon. The scale and scope of the ITER Project rank it among the most ambitious science endeavors of our time. Building began in 2010 on the ITER platform in Cadarache, France where 35 nations are collaborating to realize the world’s largest tokamak fusion device. 100,000 kilometres 100,000 kilometres of ... Read More »

Report on Technical Feasibility of Fusion Energy to the Special Committee for the ITER Project

March 8, ASDEX Upgrade Seminar M. Kikuchi Former member of subcommittee for Fusion Development Strategy under Fusion Council Charge to Subcommittee for Fusion Development Strategy (3) Technical feasibility of the fusion energy (4) Extension of the program and basic supporting research For topic (3) above, the Special Committee additionally requested an evaluation of the feasibility of fusion energy as a ... Read More »